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NOC Librarian
Teri Heuer
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Books in our Library

  11 Harrow House   Gerald A. Browne   Paperback Novel
  Advanced Cabochon Cutting   Gerald Hemrich   Handbook
  Amber   Patty C. Rice, PhD   Golden Gem of the Ages
  Amber, the Gold of Gem of Ages   F. A. Barnes   Handbook
  Ancient Ruins of Southwest   David Grant Noble   Map Sites
  Art, Clay, Silver, & Gold   Jackie Truly   18 Jewelry Pieces to Make in a Day
  Art of Gem Carving   Darold Henry   Handbook
  Art of Metal Clay   Sherri Haab   Techniques for Creating Objects
  Beads   Janet Coles and Robert Budwig   Guide to Bead Making
  BLM Wilderness Areas   U.S. Dept of Interior   National Parks & Preserve, Maps
  (Oct. 1994)
  California Gem Trails, 4th Edition   Vinson Brown   Handbook
  Cameos Old & New 3rd Edition   Anna M. Miller   Paperback Book
  Canyon Country Geology   Jack Cox   Handbook
  Catalogues   Various   Tucson Tour Guides, Tools,
  and Equipment Supplies
  Complete Metalsmith   Tim McCreight   Metalsmithing
  Diamonds Buying Guide   Antoinette Matlins   Paperback Book
  E. Mojave Heritage Trail   Cassabier    Needles to Ivanpah
  E. Mojave Heritage Trail   Cassabier   Ivanhah to Rocky Ridge
  Engagement & Wedding Rings (Definitive
  Buying Guide)
  Antoinette Matlins   Paperback Book
  Exhibiting Show Biz Aspect   Ed & Leola Wertz   Handbook
  Field Guide to Gem & Minerals of Mexico,
  6th Edition
  Dr. H. Dake   Handbook
  Field Guide to the San Andreas Fault   Dr. David K. Lynch   Handbook
  Fossil Collectors Handbook   Gerhard Lichter   Finding, Identifying, Preparing,
  Gem Trails of Arizona   James R. Mitchell   Location Maps
  Gem Trails of Nevada   James R. Mitchell   Location Maps
  Gem Trails of New Mexico   James R. Mitchell   Location Maps
  Gem Trails of Oregon   James R. Mitchell   Location Maps
  Gem Trails of So. California   James R. Mitchell   Location Maps
  Gem Trails of Utah   James R. Mitchell   Location Maps
  Gems & Jewelry, 2nd Edition   Joel E. Arem   Color Guide
  Gemstones Introduction   E. H. Rutland   Handbook
  Gemstones of Afghanistan   Gary W. Bowersox, Bonita
  Chamberlin and Allen Glazner
  History, Mining, Color Photos
  Geology, Death, & Owens Valley   Robert Sharp and Allen Glazner   Handbook
  Geology Underfoot in Southern California   Robert Sharp and Golzner   Handbook
  Gold Minerís Handbook   Bruce W. Harris   Gold Panning, etc.
  Gold, Where to Find in So. California   James Klein    
  Goldwire Craft   Zeitner   Handbook
  Goldsmithing & Silver Work   Carles Codina   Jewelry, Vessels, and Ornaments
  GPS Guide to Western Gem Trails   David Kelly   Map Sites
  Guide to Goffís Cultural Center   Dennis Casebler and Chris Ervin   Museum, Nature Trail
  Indian Silver Smithing   W. Ben Hunt   Complete How-To Book and Guide
  Interior of the Earth   U.S. Dept of Interior   Pamphlets
  Jade   Van Nestran   Book
  Jewelry and Gems (buying guide)   Antoinette Matlins   Booklet New 6th addition
  Jewelry Techniques   Madeline Coles   Projects to Practice
  Jewelry Craft for Beginners   Gloria R. Mosesson Virginia Fowler
  Jewelry, Fundamentals of   Tim McCreight   Metalsmithing
  Jewelry Making   Carles Codina   Metalsmithing
  Jewelry Making   Elizabeth Olver   50 Tecnhinques for Creating
  Jewelry Making Techniques   Jinks McGrath   Encyclopedia
  Louis & Clark Rockhounding   B.J. Hawkins   Paperbook
  Mining Claims & Mill Sites in California   U.S. Dept of Interior   Location & Patenting
  Opal, Advanced Cutting & Setting   Paul Downing, PhD    
  Opal Cutting Made Easy   Paul Downing, PhD   Guide to Cutting Opal
  Pearl Book (Definitive Buying Guide)   Antoinette Matlins   Paperback Book
  Rockhounding Arizona   William A. Kappele   Sites, Maps
  Rock & Minerals of California   Karen Pullen   Book
  Rockhound Primer of Arizona   Floyd Getsinger   Booklet
  Rock and Gem   Smithsonian   Definitive guide to rocks, minerals,
  gems, and fssils
  Sedona Bead Journal   Carol Oliver   Booklet
  Solderless Jewelry   2007 Issue   Booklet
  Techniques of Master Stone Setting   Gerald Wykoff   Book
  West 47th   Gerald A. Browne   Paperback Novel
  Wire Jewelry       Booklet


  1st Steps to Lapidiary   One Hour
  Complete Metal Smith    
  Creating a Cabochon    
  Death Valley Memories   One Hour
  Fire Agate Cutting & Polishing   One Hour, 15 Min.
  Gemís Tones of America   One Hour
  Glass Bead Making    
  Jewel of the Earth   56 Minutes
  Jewel School: Beading & Wire
    General Beading
    (Basic) Wire Wrapping
    Wire Wrap 1 Step Further
  70 Minutes
  70 Minutes
  70 Minutes
  70 Minutes
  Lost Wax Casting   Two Hours
  Modern Gold Mining Techniques   90 Minutes +
  Opal Cutting Made Easy   30 Minutes Doc.
  Rock & Minerals   35 Minutes
  Soldering   One Hour, 45 Min.
  Volcano   35 Minutes